Top 7 Natural Remedies against Flying Pests

Top 7 Natural Remedies against Flying Pests

Pest infestation is one of the problems that homeowners would like to avoid from happening due to the cost and inconveniences it brings. There are pests which will crawl inside your house and pester while there are also flying pests that will invade your home which you should be mindful as they can be dangerous.

Flies, bees, hornets, mosquitoes, and wasps are the typical flying pests you would likely see in your property as they can quickly penetrate your home. Having these nuisances around can disturb your daily routine and might bring diseases as some are disease carriers.

Having flying pests around can be uncomfortable as they can contaminate your food and can give you illnesses which can be deadly. If you don’t want to put your family’s health at risk, better know how to eliminate those flying pests.

If you want to get rid of your problems regarding flying pests, you can seek professional from a pest control company in Concord NC. But if you want to do it on your own, let’s find out the top seven natural remedies against flying pests which you can use whenever these nuisances are infesting your property. Check it out now!


  1.  Ginger


If there’s one ingredient in your household which you can use for flying pests like flies, then ginger is the one. House flies are always seen in every household because they can find your filthy garbage and your house has moist areas. If you don’t get rid of them, your food and family can suffer from several diseases as flies bring plenty of viruses. Using ginger as a natural remedy can help you as its pungent smell is what flies hate the most. You can make a spray out of this which can help in resolving one of the flying pests you don’t want to see at home. You can use ginger powder and mix it with water and place it in a spray bottle. You can spray the mixture all over the place and once flies smell it; they will immediately retreat and look for another place to infest. Another thing is, you can spray it outdoors to repel flies. But, if you wish to get rid of them successfully, a pest control company in Concord is the answer.



2.  Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has been used as a natural remedy since the beginning due to its effectivity. It can help in normalizing blood pressure and other health conditions, that’s why several people are using this as one of their solutions. Aside from its help in making healthy, it can also be your solution if you have fruit flies at home. Fruit flies are pests, which you will see if you have fruits at home since they tend to swarm on ripe fruits which are meals for them. If you don’t want to store those fruits and would like to place it on your tables, better prepare an apple cider vinegar in case those flies infest your property. You have to place the apple cider vinegar in a container and put the trap in areas where fruit flies are pestering. Once they found your trap, they will immediately fly into it. Immediately cover the container for the flies not to escape. But, if you wish to remove them totally in your house, a pest exterminator in Concord is what you need.


3.  Peppermint Oil


Essential oils are becoming useful in terms of pest control as it helps in deterring or eliminating pests successfully. Peppermint oil is one of the most trusted essential oils since it can help in resolving pest problems successfully. It can help in deterring pests like flies, beetles, mice, lice, fleas, and more.  You can use peppermint oil in many ways. The first one is to use it as a spray. You can dilute the oil in water and place it in a bottle. You can spray it on areas infested or on the pest directly. Another way is to use cotton balls and soak it in peppermint oil. Apply the cotton ball on places where flying pests are usually hanging around. When they sense it, they will immediately fly out and would never return to pester more. You don’t only eliminate flying pests, but you can also drive away spiders which are creepy. According to a pest exterminator in Concord, spraying peppermint oil will leave your house fragrant at the same time pest-free.


4.  Soapy Water blank


If you want to be economical in dealing with flying pests, soapy water could be the solution you are looking for. The combination is a good solution for flying pests, and it will save you lots of money. Mixing soap and hot water can kill bees naturally, which is one dangerous flying pests. You can place it under the hive to attract the bees, and once they made contact with it, it will be harder for them to escape as the soap will stop them from flying. The soapy water can also be a solution for fleas and other pests. However, eliminating bees is dangerous as they can be aggressive like wasps that’s why a pest control company in Concord is the best option if you want to get rid of flying pests for good.


5.  Chrysanthemum Spray


Mosquitoes are regarded as the most dangerous animals as the pest can transmit deadly diseases by only biting. If you don’t get rid of them instantly, your house will be under threat, especially your family. One way to naturally get rid of mosquitoes is by making a chrysanthemum spray. The dried flowers of chrysanthemum will help you achieve your goal and make sure to turn the flowers into powder first. You have to combine water, the dried flower, and soap for the mixture to be effective. Once your spray is ready, you can apply it freely on areas where mosquitoes are present, and the pest will be controlled effectively. Even a pest control company in Concord uses the chrysanthemum spray for mosquito control.


6.  Basil


If you want to use some herbs for controlling flying pests, basil is the herb you would want to have. The herb is used for cooking yet can be the solution if you want to get rid of flying pests for good. You can have the plant near windows or doors where pests usually enter. You can also make a spray out it by boiling the leaves in hot water and getting the extract. You can spray it on areas where flying pests gather to get rid of them. When they smell basil, they will instantly fly out of your property. But, if you want to remove all flying pests, all you can do is to call a pest exterminator in Concord NC who knows all solutions for pests.


7.  Homemade Traps



If you can’t find abovementioned products, you might resort on using homemade traps for flying pests. One trap you can do us by using honey. The honey trap is effective in dealing with flying pests interested in sweets like bees and flies. You have to place the honey inside a tall jar and put a mixture of water and honey. Leave some small opening where pests can enter, and once they went inside, they will not be able to escape. Another one is by using flypaper, which is effective in getting rid of flies which keep on feasting over your tasty food. The smell of flypapers will attract the pests, which will eventually kill them in the end. If you can’t make some homemade traps, you can use an electric swatter which can quickly kill any flying pest that goes through it. Of course, if you want your home to be from all those flying pests, the one you should rely on is a pest control company in Concord.

Here you go! These are the top seven natural remedies you can use against flying pests. Having those annoying flying pests around will certainly make you uncomfortable. Doing some DIYs can be helpful, but if you want the best outcomes for your property, what you need is a pest control company in Concord to do the job.

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