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Bed Bug Treatment Services in Concord, Mooresville & Beyond

Bed Bugs have re-emerged in the past few years, infesting homes, offices, hotels and more in the Lake Norman area. Though they do not transmit diseases, they do bite, causing itching, irritation, and other undesirable effects to their host.

Although bed bugs can be difficult to detect, you you can decide whether or not you need a professional bed bug treatment by looking for certain signs, such as:

  • Tiny, brownish-red bugs on your bedding, furniture, carpeting, baseboards, curtains and more
  • Eggs and egg casings
  • Blood and/or fecal stains on your mattress or sheets

Don’t want to hunt them yourself? Lake Norman Pest Control’s bed bug experts are professionally trained to inspect for bed bugs in both residential and commercial spaces, locating bed bugs in even the smallest of spaces and eliminating these tiny critters using industry-leading extermination techniques.


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Bed Bug Inspections for Homes in Mooresville & the Lake Norman Area

If you suspect your home may be host to a bed bug infestation, call Lake Norman Pest Control at (704) 663-6440 to schedule an extermination appointment today! We offer professional, safe treatments to get rid of bed bugs – we’ll develop the pest control solution that best fits your needs following the home inspection.

We also offer bed bug dog inspections! Call today!