Our Company

Lake Norman Pest Control: A Family Business

Even before joining forces with Go-Forth Pest Control in 2011, Lake Norman Pest Control was a mainstay in the Mooresville community.

Sam and Fran Newman, both Lake Norman residents, founded Lake Norman Pest Control more than 30 years ago. Offering decades of experience in the pest control industry, the Newmans and their company were well-respected as one of the state’s leading pest control providers.

In 2011, when the Newmans decided to retire, they made the choice to merge their company with Go-Forth Pest & Lawn. As friends of the Hazelwood family, the owners of this pest control company in High Point, NC, the Newmans felt confident that Go-Forth Pest & Lawn would continue to represent their commitment to professional customer service and high-quality pest control provision.

Lake Norman Pest Control & Go-Forth Pest Control’s Mission Statement

Our mission is for our standards to be higher than our customer’s expectations and our competition’s best efforts. We will have a profound professionalism that is seldom found in a locally-owned and founded company, giving our employees, customers and community a sense of pride to be associated with Lake Norman Pest Control and Go-Forth Pest & Lawn.

Dennis Foster: 2009 & 2013 NC Technician of the Year

The only 2-time technician of the year, EVER.


At Lake Norman Pest Control, we take pride in our employees and the services they provide.

One of our team members, Dennis Foster, was named the North Carolina Technician of the Year by the NC Pest Management Association in 2009 & 2013. Dennis is the regional manager of Lake Norman Pest Control and has experience in both our Pest Control Department and WDO Department. As a certified applicator, he has extensive training on the identification and management of termites and many other pests. Dennis lives in Mooresville, NC with his family.