How to Plant a Pest Control Garden

how-to-plant-pest-control-gardenPlant a Pest Control Garden

Even though many people like the taste and smell of herbs, most bugs are repelled by it. This is good news since herbs are fairly easy to grow and can be stuck on a deck or in your yard. Some types of flowers can also keep bugs away wile giving your garden a beautiful look.

Types of Herbs

There are multiple herbs that keep pests away but we will only be naming a few in this article. Basil is an important herb because it repels mostly house flies and mosquitoes. House flies are a nuisance to any home and no one wants them landing on your food if you’re at a cookout. Mosquitoes are important to get rid of because they can carry different diseases from one host to the next. You can plant basil in your garden or keep some on your deck so you don’t have to have annoying pests near you. Lavender is another herb that smells great and keeps a number of pests away. They are easy to keep alive in a garden. Plant some in a pot on your deck for a sweet smell and natural insect repellent. Mint is another herb that can be used in food and drinks and to keep insects away. Mint is a simple herb you can grow around your home or cut some off and keep in your house. These are only a few of the herbs you can plant in order to keep pests away.

Types of Flowers

People love to plant beautiful flowers in their garden but most of the time they get eaten up by many different types of bugs. The best way to keep flowers healthy and beautiful is by planting these supplemental flowers around them. Chrysanthemums can repel a number of pests but most people use it to keep cockroaches and beetles away. These beautiful flowers would be a great addition to any garden or deck. Marigolds and Petunias are also great flowers that keep a number of bugs away. Many people already have these flowers in their garden which is why they might not experience as many bugs as other homes do.

Plant the Garden

Even if you have never planted a garden before, do not be intimidated. There are enough articles, videos, and books to make sure your garden can stay alive all year long. You just have to make sure you water them correctly and make sure the ones who don’t need too much sun aren’t in direct sunlight all the time. Go to your local farmers market to buy the plants so you can find the most organic ones. The ones in most department stores already have a lot of pesticides in them and may die faster. If you go to the farmers market you also have the opportunity to talk to the gardener who originally planted these flowers and herbs and can give you great advice on how to keep them alive. Everyone has a green thumb if they just follow the right directions.

If these herbs and flowers just don’t seem to keep the bugs away enough give your local pest exterminator a call and they can help with any pest need you may have today.

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