How to Get Rid of Fleas

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If you have a pet with fur then you are at risk of having fleas infest your home. Not only can fleas disturb your cat or dog, but they can also cause problems for you. Check out these home remedies to get fleas out of your home now.

Household Items

These items that can help get rid of fleas you may already have in your home. A common one people have had success with is salt. You can create a line of salt at the entry points of your house in order to keep fleas from traveling into your home. Some people even mix it in spray bottle with some essential oils like lavender. You can spray this mixture on pet beds and furniture. Do not spray directly on your bed or your pet because the salt may cause irritation. You could try it with just the lavender for that purpose. Dish washing liquid has been successful in the termination of fleas around a home. If you mix a little with water and place it in dishes around your home sometimes the fleas are attracted to it and die in the solution. These methods don’t always work, but are sometimes effective. It is also effective to vacuum your home thoroughly, especially where your pet likes to hang out. It will also help to wash your pet’s bed and any other material your pet may have laid on to ensure all fleas and their eggs are eliminated.

Pet Remedies

Pets are the most effected by these annoying pests because they live and breed on their skin. Fleas love to live on pets because of how easy it is to maneuver through their skin and hair. If you suspect your pet has fleas you should get them to the vet immediately to make sure they haven’t contracted any diseases from them like Heartworm. Heartworm can be deadly to cats and dogs and should not be treated lightly. Once you get the diagnosis you can pick up some flea shampoo at your local pet supplies store and give your cat or dog a thorough bath in it. This will ensure the fleas and eggs that are on them die and are removed efficiently from their hair and skin. You can also take a comb and brush out their fur after they have dried just to make sure there are no more hiding. Once a week to try and ward off fleas from returning to your pet you could mist lavender essential oil and water on them and their beds. This will help repel fleas and other bugs from returning but does not 100-percent guarantee they won’t return.  If your pet spends a significant amount of time outside then they will most likely pick up fleas from the yard or even other pets. Do not be alarmed when you find out they have fleas though, because there are many methods of getting rid of them naturally from your home.

If you are not satisfied by these home remedies and want to get them taken care of quickly call your local pest exterminator for more help.

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