How to Check for Bed Bugs

how-to-check-for-bed-bugsTips on Checking for Bed Bugs

If you are staying in a hotel room or condo for vacation make sure you check for bed bugs before you make yourself comfortable. Some signs that there might be bed bugs in your room are blood spots on the sheets, droppings, and casings from the bed bugs. If you wake up with red, itchy spots from bites then there are probably bed bugs on the mattress. Bed bugs are nocturnal and only come out to feed when you are fast asleep. They are attracted to exposed skin like your arms, hands, and neck. Check out these places that bed bugs love to hide and make sure you check them before you get settled into your vacation.

The Walls

Many people don’t think of bed bugs of being on the walls, but they are found there. Be sure to check the corners where the ceiling meets the wall and you might see some tiny black bugs. Those are probably bed bugs and it usually means there are more hiding in that room.


Many times when a bed bug enters a room they will find their own home in different furniture that is in the room. That means those bedside tables, head boards, and even dressers could be crawling with bed bugs. When they are on the furniture it is a little harder to see because of their color but make sure you take a flashlight to it and see if they are hiding there.

Mattress and Sheets

The most obvious place that bed bugs love to hide is the mattress and box spring. Bed bugs love warm temperatures so mattresses and your sheets are the perfect place for them to live. In order to check your sheets see if there is any discoloration or casings left on them from the bed bugs. The discolorations could indicate blood or fecal stains left behind from them. Make sure you pull the seams of the mattress apart so you can see if there are any bed bugs hiding in them. Be sure to have a flashlight handy and even grab a credit card that will allow you to use it as a comb on the seams. Check the bottom of the mattress and box spring to see if any are hiding in there. Look particularly close where there are some tears because this is a perfect place for bed bugs to find easy access in and out of the mattress. It is best to stay in a hotel or condo that uses a mattress cover to protect its residents from having bed bugs feed on them.

If you happen to find bed bugs make sure you let the management know immediately. They will most likely put you in a different room or give you your money back. When you leave your vacation make sure you check your luggage and belongings before unpacking. To be extra cautious wash everything you took with you before unpacking it when you get home. If you realize bed bugs have gotten into your home call your local pest control immediately so the problem can be stopped immediately.

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