Top 7 Most Common Pests in North Carolina

Top 7 Most Common Pests in North Carolina

Pests are never picky when it comes to their homes. They will be found everywhere and in all states, including North Carolina. The state is also one of the habitats of pests, and locals are experiencing infestations all year round. The presence of a pest control company in North Carolina is good since the company can quickly help citizens to resolve their issues in terms of pest control.

Just like in other states, North Carolina is a target of not only one pest but plenty of them, which makes it hard for homeowners to live peacefully. When the warmer weather comes, it is also the time that pests like termites, spiders, fleas, ants, cockroaches, flies, etc. tend to be active which is more inconvenient as these pests are creepy and can disrupt your daily routine.

Among all the pests found in North Carolina, some common ones topped the list. The common pests are the ones you should not ignore as some of them are disease carriers, which is dangerous to you and your family. Let’s find out the pests which are the most common in North Carolina. Let’s get started!

  • Ants

One of the top most common pests in North Carolina is ants. The small crawling pest can be found in the state and can even bring bigger infestations if not prevented. There are several species of ants, and in North Carolina, the house ants are the most common. Other species of ants you might encounter are pharaoh ants, black ants, ghost ants, Argentine ants, and pavement ants. Mostly, ants prefer to be outside since they like to stay in woods which will protect them from any danger. However, the pest now no longer stays in one area; instead, they will infest residential and commercial properties to find food and the perfect environment they need. Another species of ants to worry is fire ant as it can be dangerous since it gives a burning sensation when they bite. Some people might experience skin reaction and may need medical attention, which can be costly. Ants are tiny yet can bring risk if you don’t do anything about them.  If you want your property in North Carolina to be free from this common pest, better let a pest exterminator in Davidson handle them for good.


  • Bed Bugs

If there’s a pest which can easily disrupt your good night slumber that would be bed bugs. The pest is found worldwide and mostly, people who travel from other places tend to bring the pest into their properties since bed bugs cling onto luggage, cloth, bags, and more which help them migrate easily. It is no surprise that North Carolina also has this pest, and it is considered as one of the top common pests. Bed bugs are infesting North Carolina, and there are two cities which have been found out as most infested – Charlotte and Raleigh. With their tiny size and expert hiding skills, bed bugs are hard to eliminate as they tend to squeeze in dark areas and will only come out when you are asleep as they feed on human blood. From commercial to residential properties, bed bugs will surely invade as they are never choosy when it comes to their habitats. Eliminating the pest will surely be hard; that’s why a pest expert in Davidson is what you need if you want to get rid of them once and for all.

  • Cockroaches

One of the creepy pests you can encounter in North Carolina is cockroaches. The pest is one of the top pests you can find in the state, and several people are not happy with it. Cockroaches are dirty and unhealthy creatures as they eat almost everything. They are also disease carriers and can trigger asthma. The pest usually hides in dark and damp areas like kitchen, closets, drawers, bathrooms, and sink and usually North Carolina properties provide the environment they need. Some types of cockroaches found in the state are German cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches, and the Smokey brown cockroaches. The pest will invade properties to find food sources and look for moist areas even they are headless. According to a pest exterminator in Davidson, if you deprive cockroaches with water, they will die eventually as they need it to survive. If you remove food and water sources, there is a big chance of keeping your property in North Carolina pest-free. If you are a resident of North Carolina, you can expect to see cockroaches around your property as they are one of the top common pests in the state.

  • Spiders


People who have fears of spiders might reconsider North Carolina as their next home as the pest is among the top common pests found in the state. Spiders are essential in the ecosystem, but they can also be a problem for property owners as they can bring infestations. The pest can cause arachnophobia to some, which can lead to anxieties, especially when they are around. When dealing with spiders, the one you need is indeed a professional pest control company in Davidson. The pest can come in several species, and some can be huge and venomous. If you continue to keep the pest in your home, your family might suffer from their bites, which are also dangerous if not treated immediately. If you want to have a safer and worry-free home, better get rid of spiders, and only professionals can make it happen.

  • Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas are common pests you can find in North Carolina, and they belong to the top lists. If you have pets, surely, pests will come as ticks and fleas feed on your furry friends for food. However, even you don’t have cats and dogs; these pests will still be present in your home if your children visited or played in a flea and tick infested area. The pests will cling into people or pets, which will help them move from one place to another.  Even if your home is new, there is still a chance of getting fleas and ticks. The size and ability to hide of the fleas and ticks makes it hard to get rid of them, and if you want to remove them in your property, the best way is to hire a pest exterminator in Davidson to do the job.

  • Rodents


If you don’t store food properly, aside from cockroaches, you will see rodents roaming and running around your property. The pest is also one of the top common pests in North Carolina, and having them is never good for your home. Rodents carry almost 35 diseases, and some can be fatal. If your property is too attractive, the pest will never have second thoughts to visit and infest. They will chew on almost everything, even on electrical wires, which can be the cause of fire accidents. Rodents can bring severe damages and illnesses which are both costly. If you want to avoid your family from health problems, the one you need is a pest exterminator in Davidson who can get rid of the pest successfully.

  • Termites

In North Carolina, termites are also common, and they are the pest which you don’t want to have at home. Termites are silent destroyers as they can cause severe damages in your property without giving you any idea unless you inspect the place. Termites are fond of wood, and if your property’s structure is mostly made of wood and have wooden furniture, expect to experience their infestation any time soon. The damages that the pest brings can cost billions yearly, and if you don’t make your place termite-proof, you might lose your investment. That’s why when you found signs of termites in your property, call a pest exterminator in North Carolina immediately to help you eliminate the infestation before it gets worst. 

Here you go! These are the top seven most common pests in North Carolina. These pests are small yet can bring bigger problems if you don’t make a move. North Carolina is a good place to live and spend the rest of your life, but if pests are around, you might not be able to find the peace of mind you are looking for.

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