Top 7 Best Practices for Pest-Free Lawn

Top 7 Best Practices for Pest-Free Lawn

Your lawn is one of the areas where pests will build their nests and infest. It is the easiest place to invade as it is located outside. Before pests come inside your home, they will first damage the lawn area and will migrate when they cannot find what they need.

Pests come in all types, and they are never picky when it comes to their targets. No matter how big or small your lawn is, nuisances will come and infest. Cockroaches, termites, ants, rodents, and fleas are among those pests which will infiltrate your peaceful area, and if you don’t do anything, you and your family are the ones to suffer.

Aside from hiring a pest control company in Cornelius, have you ever questioned how some homeowners keep their lawns pest-free all year round? If you are curious, then here are the top best practices which will help you achieve the same goal as the others. Check these out now!


1. Prune Trees and Shrubs


Having trees and shrubs in your lawn is good as it helps in keeping the air clean. However, it can also be a reason for pests to sneak into your yard and begin to infest. According to a pest expert in Cornelius, if you want to get rid of pests and make your lawn free from their wrath, you should practice pruning shrubs and trees. The branches can serve as a bridge for pests to crawl inside your property and might as well damage your lawns. That’s why practicing it will help you save your lawn from any pest infestation and will help you achieve a pest-free yard. You should learn to prune trees and shrubs properly to prevent any accident.


2.  Proper Garbage Disposal


Garbage can be a temptation to pest, and placing it in your lawn is a big problem. Littering around your yard is a big no, and it should be avoided if you want to have a pest-free lawn. If you want to keep nuisances away, better dispose of the garbage to prevent pests from crawling and damaging your property. If you pruned some shrubs and trees in your lawn, better remove the trash as quickly as possible to avoid luring termites and other wood lover pests. Small and big garbage should be disposed of since it can be one of the culprits in inviting pests. However, if you want a total wipe-out of pests for your lawn, the best solution is to call a pest control company in Cornelius.


3.  Mow the Grass


Tall grasses can serve as a habitat for pests and if you leave it as it is, expect to find several nests in your lawn. Ants, termites, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, and more will tend to find a place to stay in your lawn, and the grass is one ideal hiding place. If you let the grass to continue growing, your lawn can be filled with several pests, and some of them can cause sickness. Hence, one of the top practices in keeping your lawn pest-free is by mowing the grass. Doing this practice every week can lessen the presence of nuisances in your property and will surely help your family to enjoy more time outside. You don’t only get rid of the grass, but the leaves and other debris are also taken care. If you want your lawn to be out of pests’ wrath, the one you need is a pest control company in Cornelius.


4.  Remove Standing Water


Pests don’t rely on food alone because they also need water to survive. If your lawn has standing water, don’t be surprised to see several pests partying like mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches. Pests need moisture for them to breed and produce more eggs and if you keep your lawn damped at all times, then it will not take long to have a pest-filled yard. Before pests find out that your lawn has standing water, immediately remove any water sources to keep it pest-free at all times. According to a pest expert in Cornelius, moisture helps in fulfilling the environment pests need and if your lawn has it, you can expect unwanted visitors and may experience their infestations for a longer period.


5.  Store Wood Properly


If you are used to storing food in your lawn, don’t expect to have a pest-free lawn because pests are attracted to wood as well. Termites are the top pest which will feast over wood as it is their staple food. Keeping logs in the lawn will not help that’s why, according to a pest exterminator in Cornelius, you have to store wood above the ground to prevent the lawn from having too many pests like ants and termites. Removing access to wood can lessen your worries and will help you to have a pest-free property. Also, placing it above the ground will prevent pests from coming inside your house, and this practice will help you a lot.


6.  Maintain the Lawn


One of the reasons why pests always visit your lawn is because you skip in maintaining it. A well-maintained lawn can help in making it cleaner and healthier for you and your family. Remove all dirt and attractive items to pests to prevent them from coming in your lawn. Make sure to mow the grass. If you find wastes of animals or decomposing plants, better get rid of it as it can be striking to rodents, flies, ants, etc. Performing maintenance is a recommended practice, and even a pest expert in Cornelius approves. If you continue to maintain your lawn, you will surely have a pest-free property in no time, and your family can enjoy outdoor activities without worries.


7.  Place Pest Repelling Plants


If you want to keep your lawn pest-free naturally, the best way is to have plants which are known to repel pests successfully. Several plants are guaranteed to help you get rid of pests, and if you have it, your lawn is saved. This practice is among the top ones because you don’t have to spend too much money on it yet can still give you satisfying results. All you need to do is to learn how to plant the herbs and flowers for it to grow and keep living. According to a pest expert in Cornelius, plants like citronella, peppermint, basil, marigolds, lavender, catnip, mint, rosemary, petunias, and more are ideal and will help you get rid of pests once and for all.

That’s it! These are the top seven best practices you can do for your lawn to make it pest-free. These practices will help you make your property safer, healthier, and cleaner for your family. The more you perform these, the better results you will get. But, if you want to make your lawn or your whole property pest-free at all times, what you need is a pest control company in Cornelius.

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