How To Relieve Bed Bug Bites Effectively

How To Relieve Bed Bug Bites Effectively

blankHow To Relieve Bed Bug Bites Effectively

A house filled with bed bugs is never a comfy place to stay because the insect is considered a pest and they can bring enormous problems to everyone. Bed bug bites and it is one of the inconveniences you will experience when you have a bed bug infestation in your place. The more bed bugs you have, the worst it can get because the pest never backs out when it attacks.

Bed bugs are among the common pests you will see at home and is one of those that bite. Yes, the pest bites and it can be itchy and painful for some. The pest typically hides in mattresses or on places that they can easily get near you because they need your blood for food. The pest will sneak into you when you are fast asleep and will leave you red itchy bumps which you will only notice after waking up.

One way to stop bed bugs from causing you problems is by letting a pest control company in North Carolina to do the extermination. On the other hand, the bites you get from the pest can be treated in different ways and there are effective means on how you can relieve the itchy bites. 

Here are the effective relievers you can do when you have bites all over your body.



Bed bug bites are extremely uncomfortable and can lead to skin reactions if you don’t immediately relieve the itchiness. One way to relieve bites from bed bugs, you can use your mouthwash as a remedy. The mouthwash can’t only be used in keeping your breath fresh but it will also give your bites relief. It has ethanol which is good in fighting swelling and inflammation. You can dab a cotton with mouthwash on the bites to stop it from itching and to remove any discomfort. If the pest keeps on biting you on your open skin, make sure to have mouthwash and cotton on your side to apply on the bitten areas. When the bites are often happening, it means that an infestation is present in your home that’s why to fight off the pest, you need a pest exterminator to help you.


Ice Pack


Everyone knows that when it comes to itchiness, the one they can rely on is ice and it is indeed true even for bites from bed bugs. An ice pack can relieve bed bug bites and you don’t have to spend so much money on it because you can make one at home. The cool effect that ice gives will relieve the itchy and painful bites given by bed bugs and you can apply it on your skin without worries as it is safe. If you find it too cold, you can wrap the ice in towels or cloth first. An ice pack is an economical and effective relief you can do for bites which will not affect your budget because you can make ice at home and let it freeze and you have it. Also, if you don’t have any time to make ice, you can buy in the market and it will not be too expensive. 


Water and Soap

If you want an effective and simple reliever for bed bug bites, it could be water and soap. This combination can help in easing the bites you have acquired because the soap serves as an antiseptic. Also, washing your bites is good because it can clean your skin at the same time will stop the itchiness for some time. If you choose to water and soap as your relief, what you need to do is to apply the soap first on the bites and wait for it to dry. Once the soap dries on the skin, it is the time to wash it and you will feel good afterward. However, there are instances that water and soap are not enough especially if bed bugs are already infesting. To keep the pest away, you need to call a bed bug exterminator in Statesville to do the dirty job for you.


Lemon Juice


If you love drinking lemon juice after your meal or for your snack, you can use it as well as a bed bug bite reliever and a pest exterminator approves. Lemon juice can effectively help in stopping itchiness and inflammation of the bite. This relief is good and safe because it is natural and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals which are why you can apply it directly to the area where a bed bug bite is present. But, if the bites you have begins to have open wounds, don’t use lemon juice because it can worsen the wound. Even though it is safe to use, you still have to be careful when using it around wounds.


Chilled Cucumber

Experiencing bed bug bites is worse because you have to scratch to ease the itchiness and might even experience inflammation. If you want to relieve the bites without scratching on it, you use cucumbers as a remedy. Chilled cucumbers can help in relieving the bites caused by bed bugs. You can put some cucumbers in the freezer and wait for it to chill. Once it is cold, apply it directly on the bites for ten minutes and the itchiness and inflammation will go away. However, one application is not enough so you have to do the process three to five times to achieve complete relief. 


Calamine Lotion

If you are looking for a lotion that can help you in bed bug bites, calamine lotion should be in your things. The lotion helps in relieving bites and the ones from bed bugs are also resolved. The calamine lotion will help in lessening the irritation of the bite and will dry up the infected skin. With this, the itchiness will be relieved and you will avoid discomfort. Applying the lotion up to three times a day can be a good help in easing bite. 


Aloe Vera 

If there’s one plant that can help in relieving bed bug bites, Aloe Vera is the one. The plant can help not only in keeping your hair healthy, but it can also be the answer to the bed bug bites problem you are experiencing. Aloe Vera has anti-fungal properties and can be an antibiotic and applying it on the bite will give you relief because it will remove the itchiness which will prevent you from scratching more and getting infections. Make sure to use the real Aloe Vera gel coming from the plant to avoid problems. You can have Aloe Vera at home so that when you need solutions for itchy bites, you can get it quickly from your backyard.



Over-the-counter Creams

If you are wary of using home remedies for itchy bites, no need to worry because there are over-the-counter creams that you can buy in stores that are perfect for relieving bed bug bites. The creams are easy to use as directions are indicated on the packaging. Make sure to follow it properly to prevent any problem. Also, if you want the best creams for insect bites, you can ask your doctor to make your purchase easier.

These are the effective relievers you need to have for bed bug bites. Having these, it will indeed ease the itchiness and inflammation caused by the pest. But, to make everything better, eliminating the pest is the best so you need to consult a pest control company in Statesville regarding pest control for bed bugs.

Best Pest Control Company 

When you keep on getting bites from bed bugs, it is already a sign of infestation and if you need to exterminate bed bugs and that’s Lake Norman Pest Control.

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Lake Norman Pest Control provides the best results in pest control because the services are performed by highly trained, professional, certified, and expert pest exterminators who are well-rounded in handling all sorts of pests found in your property. Rest assured that you will be safe during the process because only human and pet-friendly extermination methods are used.

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