Pest Control Scams You Need to Know Before Hiring a Professional

Pest Control Scams You Need to Know Before Hiring a Professional

blankPest Control Scams You Need to Know Before Hiring a Professional

Scams are everywhere! It can be online, through phone calls, banks, and more. Nobody wants to experience any fraud because it can lead to losing the money you have earned. But, you need to be aware that in pest control, scams are also happening and you need to know it before you hire a professional pest control company in Mooresville to help you out.

We know the dangers of pests and eliminating them is a struggle. So, sometimes, you tend to hire anyone that knocks on your door that offers pest control. But, you should not easily get enticed with the offer provided because it might be a scam to get your money. 

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites, fleas, bed bugs, rodents, and spiders are the typical household pests you will find at home. Eliminating them will take time especially if you don’t know where to start. Doing DIY as well may cost you more because you have to buy remedies until you find the one that works. Because of this, hiring a professional is the best resolution as he can do everything you need in controlling pests.

If you are planning to hire a professional pest control company to do the extermination for you, make sure that you know the scams in the industry to avoid getting tricked.

Here’s what you need to know:

Free of charge inspection

There are pest control companies that indeed offer free of charge inspection especially if the one who suggested an assessment is a potential customer. However, some exterminators are taking advantage of it especially the scammers. There are scammers which will introduce their selves as a professional who will conduct a free inspection in your property. You have to be careful when free of charge inspection is brought up because there are scammers who will find a way for you to pay them when they are on your property. Some scammers will put signs of pests in your property which they will use as proof that pests are present even though there’s none. Also, they will indeed find proof that pests are present until you believe them. If the exterminator suddenly showed up in your doorstep and offered a pest inspection for free, be mindful because it might be a scam. Always ask for a business card from a professional, check them online for legitimacy, and better call a pest exterminator in Mooresville directly to not be scammed.

Vague service fees


You can obviously detect if the professional is offering a scam or not is when it is vague on rates. A legit pest exterminator in Mooresville can quickly give you the fees for the services offered. Calling a company for pest control is the initial thing you need to do as you will be able to find out about the services, rates, and more. But, if you asked the fees and the person on the other line is unclear of the prices, hang on them because you might be talking to a scammer. Also, when a pest control expert insists on you to avail other services which you don’t need, never be pressured because they might be playing tricks on you to get more money. You don’t need mosquito control if your problem is rodents, right? If an exterminator has already inspected your home and listed the services your home needs, better check it first before signing the contract because there may be included services that are not necessary and the fees may be high. if you want a legit company to deal with pests in your home, choose the one that doesn’t hesitate in giving the prices and will not include the services you didn’t ask for.

Licensed to operate a scam

Today, it is easier to make certifications due to the advancement of technologies and some are taking advantage of it for their own benefit. Scammers will show you that they are licensed to operate or perform pest control in your home. Detecting if a company is licensed or not is hard because each state has different laws when it comes to pest control. There are instances when the person who inspected your home will not be the one to do the pest treatment which may not be good. The exterminator who inspected may be the technicians that train others and the person sent by a company to do the pest control may not be licensed. This can be confusing so you need to be mindful about it. Letting a non-certified exterminator do the pest control may lead to major problems especially if pesticides are involved. Letting non-licensed technicians apply pesticides may lead to dangers. If you see an exterminator wears a company uniform and uses a company vehicle but is not licensed, never allow it to do any pest services in your property. Look for a pest control company that is not only legit but is licensed to operate as well.  As some friends find me a local company that can help me with pests, every penny was worth spending because they were not a scam.

Permanent agreement scam


Of course, when you hire a professional to do pest control in your place, you will be required to sign an agreement. But, you need to be careful because there are permanent agreements that are a scam. Calling a pest exterminator in Mooresville is your resolve in dealing with pests. So, after calling, the professional will give you estimates, performs the job, and finishes it on time. Here comes the scam. The pro will tell you that one treatment is not enough to get rid of the pests so you have to sign a permanent agreement to guarantee that all pests will be gone for good. If you believe immediately, you will sign for it but you are not informed that it is self-renewal. Automatic renewal of agreements is not good for some states because it is like pressuring someone. If you want to avoid this scam, you should know that one application of pesticides is already enough to kill all pests and stop infestations. If your property needs more treatment, the expert will explain it to you and will never put you on the pressure just to sign a permanent contract.

Portable heaters for bed bugs scam

Bed bugs are one of the pests you don’t want to have because of the discomfort they bring. When you have them, get ready for itchy bed bug bites all over your body. Unfortunately, some pros are using bed bugs for a scam. The pest and its eggs die when they are exposed to too much heat according to a trusted pest exterminator in Mooresville. The expert you have may explain this to you and will tell you that portable heaters are better in killing bed bugs. They will put heaters around your property which they think is enough to get rid of the pest but the truth is, the heat will not last long as the pro need to remove the heater. So, when portable heaters are on, bed bugs will find a cooler place to hide and will come back when the heaters are removed. With this, you have to call again for a professional to do bed bug control and it will cost you again. So, never believe that portable heaters are enough to eliminate bed bugs, get a real bed bug exterminator to handle the pest effectively.


Experiencing scams are heartbreaking because you are losing your hard-earned money on something that’s not worth it. Pest control is important to every household as it is the only way to get rid of pesky vermin which keeps on infesting your property. However, you need to be aware and wary of the scams that are happening in pest control because it may lead you to spend too much money and getting more problems. 

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