Mosquito Repelling Plants You Need To Have

Mosquito Repelling Plants You Need To Have

blankMosquito Repelling Plants You Need To Have

Living in a property free from pests will also free you from sickness, inconveniences, and repair costs. Homeowners will be happy to spend more time in a home with no pest problems as they can fully enjoy it with their family, pets, and visitors. However, that’s not the case all the time. Pest will always be pests, and they will infest your home whether you like it or not.

Among the pests that invade homes, mosquitoes are the one’s homeowners or everyone would like to avoid. The pest is extremely dangerous as they carry deadly and severe diseases which you wouldn’t want to acquire. Mosquitoes will never be considered as the “most dangerous animal in the world” for nothing.

Mosquitoes are diseases carrying pests and have been affecting almost all places in the world. They are carriers of dengue fever, Malaria, Zika virus, encephalitis, and more which can affect children, teenagers, adults, and even pregnant women.

The dangers of mosquitoes are uncountable and letting them enter your home and infest freely, is never good. When you see pests, a local and best company for mosquitoes should be called immediately to resolve the problem.

However, if you want to do some preventive measures first on your own, you can use plants as a solution. Here are mosquito repelling plants which you need to have if you want to stop the pest from coming into your home. Find out now!


The pleasant, beautiful, and purple plant you see is what you need to have at home as it can repel mosquitoes. Lavender is considered effective in deterring mosquitoes, which keep on flying around properties. The plant does not only scare mosquitoes away; it can also repel other insects like flies, ants, moths, and spiders. According to a mosquito exterminator, lavender releases smell which mosquitoes cannot stand and leaves them flying away from homes. If you have this plant at home, it can also help in relieving the itchiness from mosquito bites once you rub the leaves on it. Lavender is the plant you need at home as you can also use it for aromatherapy if you get its oil which everybody loves using as well. If you wish to have this at home, don’t worry because it is not demanding as it can grow in warm places and as long as it gets the needed moisture and sunlight.



Basil is another plant you need to have at home, and you will never regret. The plant serves two purposes as it can also be used in cooking. In pest control, the strong smell basil releases are what mosquitoes and flies hate. Once the pests sense its smell, it will drive them away. You can make basil spray out from the leaves by getting its oil. Spray it around your property or on your skin to stop mosquitoes from biting you. A pest expert in Mooresville highly recommends basil for your home. You can plant it in pots, in your backyard or garden, or on ponds which will help in lessening the eggs mosquitoes produce and lay. Don’t forget to plant basil in your property because it can help in preventing mosquitoes from spreading deadly diseases.

Citronella Grass

Having plants that can repel mosquitoes is a good help as it can prevent the pesky pests like mosquitoes from infesting. Among the plants you would want, of course, you like the ones that can repel the most dangerous animal in the world – mosquitoes. So, to make this happen, you need to have citronella grass at home. The plant is known to repel mosquitoes, and it is mostly used in mosquito repelling products. Citronella is a recommended plant by a pest exterminator because the lemon and orangey smell can shoo pests away successfully. You can rub the oil from the plant into your skin to deter insects and mosquitoes. Because of its effectivity, citronella candles are made which helps in deterring mosquitoes and other insects. If you plan to have this plant at home, better have it in a place which can receive much sunlight and good soil. 



If a woody scent is what you want, there is a plant that can fulfil your wish, and that is rosemary. The plant is known to repel mosquitoes and for its woody scent. The herb can get rid of mosquitoes, carrot flies, and cabbage moths which are all pesky. Rosemary can thrive in places where the climate is dry and hot. If you live in a place where winters happen, planting it in a container is ideal. What is good with the plant is, it can also be used as a seasoning and as a herbal remedy aside from its pest control ability. If you want to use rosemary as a mosquito repellent which you can apply, crushing and mixing the leaves in the lotion is advisable. Of course, when things fail, a mosquito exterminator to do the dirty work for you.


Having some mint smell at home is refreshing and aromatic. But did you know that the smell of mint is good for repelling mosquitoes away? Well, peppermint could be the solution you need. The plant gives a scent of mint which is used for aromatherapy and pest control. The plant’s scent can effectively deter insects, including mosquitoes which are known to be dangerous. The plant’s flowers, stems, and leaves release its essence. Peppermint is not only good for keeping mosquitoes away, but it can also repel the creepy and scary spiders which keep on infesting your home. The oil from the plant can get rid of the eggs and larvae of the mosquito and applying it can help in controlling the population of the pest to increase. But, when things don’t go the way you planned it, hiring a pest control company is the best resort.

Lemon Thyme

Having a plant that has several purposes is good as you can fulfil several things like making your food savoury and repelling annoying pests like mosquitoes. The plant is known to be lemon thyme, and it is one of the plants you need to have at home if you have mosquitoes. The plant is known to be an exceptional repellent for insects, and it can drive away from several pests like mosquitoes and garden pests. According to a mosquito exterminator the pungent smell of lemon thyme can make mosquitoes fly away and if you want to avoid itchy and dangerous mosquito bites, crushing the leaves of lemon thyme and applying it into your skin is a good way. But, like using other mosquito repellents, test it first to avoid skin allergies and reactions.


Another plant you need to have if you have mosquito problems is catnip. The plant is a relative of mint and its scent can drive away mosquitoes effectively and can attract cats as well. The plant is easy to grow, and it is usually seen everywhere. Catnip is considered to be an indeed effective repellent for mosquitoes because it works better than DEET which is used for insect repellent products. Having this plant at home is helpful, but if you can’t get the result you want, you can have a local and best company for mosquitoes to do the pest control.


That’s it! These are the mosquito repelling plants you need to have if you want to have a mosquito-free home. What’s good with these plants, it can also get rid of other insects which keep on pestering your home. However, relying alone on these plants may not be enough; that’s why you still need professional help to reach your goal.

Professional Pest Control Company

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