How to Check for Cockroaches

How-to-Check-for-Cockroaches5How to Check for Cockroaches

A house that is clean and pest-free is what everyone dreams of having. You can enjoy all your time without worrying about unwanted visitors like cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites, rodents, fleas, and bed bugs. However, having pests around is unavoidable especially if they can find several loopholes which allow them to enter your house whenever they want.

Pests like cockroaches can cause anxiety and fears, and if you have them at home, it will be a great inconvenience for you which will prevent you from enjoying your daily life. If you have cockroaches or other pests at home, your property and your family are the ones to suffer the infestation if you don’t make a move.

Checking for cockroaches is hard as you don’t know how or where to begin. If you want to check for pests without any help from a professional, you can make it happen by following these tips. Check these out!

Active Pest

One way to check if cockroaches are around if you see one of them crawling. Seeing cockroaches actively rummaging inside your house is a big sign that they are already infesting your property. They will usually invade your house during the night since they are nocturnal. However, if they appear even the light is still up, it only means that an infestation is ongoing and you should be alarmed. You should check the areas where they possibly hide like the kitchen, bathroom, sink, drainage, floor, cracks, holes, gaps, and more. The pest typically hides during the daytime, but they will come out when they lack food.

If your home is full of food sources, a great chance of having cockroaches is high. When you check your house, make sure not to leave any area because cockroaches can live everywhere no matter how small the gap or hole. If there are dead pests, don’t be confident that they are gone because it can also be a sign that their infestation is continuously happening.

When you check for cockroaches, always keep in mind that a single pest can come in great number in no time when they decide to infest your property. That’s why when you see one cockroach, get rid of it quickly. How-to-Check-for-Cockroaches

Check for Feces

When checking for cockroaches, you should not only look into the pest alone, but the feces should be given importance as well as it is a sign of their infestation. Cockroaches visible leave their feces all over the place which is a sign that they are around the corner infesting your home. The feces looks like a black pepper which can be mistaken if you don’t look closely. During the checking for cockroaches, make sure to see whether feces are around as the number of it can indicate the severity of the infestation. If your house is infested, you can easily see these round black droppings of cockroaches.

Observe the Smell of the House

Another one to look into when checking for cockroaches is the smell. Often, the pest can emit pungent smell which can be bothering especially if the infestation is already at its worse. By following the smell, you can immediately find where the pesky pest is hiding, and it will be easier for you to get rid of them. If your home has German cockroaches, a single one can already create a strong smell, what more if they are in great numbers? When you smell the odor that cockroach’s release, it will affect your eating as you will lose appetite. Hence, if you want to eat in peace, better check for cockroaches as quickly as possible and eliminate them instantly.

Look for Eggs


If you want to check your house for cockroaches completely, don’t forget to look for the eggs. Cockroach eggs are also an indication that the pest is around and they are infesting your area. The eggs they lay are called oothecae which is an oblong shaped casing which accommodates several eggs of the pest. When you see those oothecae in your home, it only means that the pest feels comfortable staying and does not have any plan of leaving. When checking for the pest, make sure to check even the unreachable areas because it is where cockroaches hide their oothecae. They know the places which humans can’t reach easily, and if you skip those areas, you will be surprised to see several newborn roaches running around your place and causing inconveniences to your family.

Cockroaches can produce several eggs, and if you don’t check your house instantly, you can expect that their number will blow up in no time and eliminating them will be harder in the long run. Hence, if you found those eggs, immediately get rid of them to prevent them from hatching and populating.

Inspect Water Sources

One of the reasons why cockroaches and other pests keep coming back in your pr

operty is because they can find water sources which help them survive. Water is one of their basic needs and without it, they can die of thirst. That’s why, it is always best to inspect your water sources in the kitchen, sink, bathroom, or on places where water is available. If there are water leaks, those nuisances will immediately crawl towards damp areas, and they will begin to infest. If leaks are found, immediately seal it tightly to prevent future damages and to stop the severe infestation from happening.

Water is essential to cockroaches, and if you get rid of any water source, the pest will flee away or might die in the end. Also, removing water sources will also get rid of mosquitoes which are known to be the most dangerous animal in the world.

Examine the Kitchen


If you are checking for cockroaches, don’t forget to check the kitchen as it is the first area they will visit. The kitchen is filled with food sources, and this is the reason why pests like cockroaches love the place. If you are checking the kitchen, make sure to check the cabinets where foods are kept. In this way, you will know whether your foods are contaminated or still safe from pests. Make sure to wash the dishes to prevent pests from feasting over your leftover or food crumbs.

In the kitchen, you should check if the kitchen sink is leaking to avoid pests from giving them the environment they need. The less water and food sources in the kitchen, the fewer pests will appear. If you don’t want to have a cockroach party in your kitchen, perform a meticulous inspection.

Here you go! These are tips you can follow if you want to check for cockroaches in your property. You can inspect your house in simplest ways without spending too much money. But, if you want to entrust the checking of your property to a professional, a pest control company in North Carolina is what you need.

Professional Pest Control Company

Cockroaches are among those pests which you don’t want to live with. They can be the cause of having anxieties and fears, and they can trigger asthma which is bad for your health. If you don’t want to suffer from any problem with pests like cockroaches, you should call a professional, and that’s Lake Norman Pest Control.

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