Common Fall Pests and How to Eliminate Them

Common Fall Pests and How to Eliminate Them

Common Fall Pests and How to Eliminate Them

Fall is the season where almost everything in your surroundings changes – leaves change its colour, the breeze becomes cold, and some animals are seeking warm shelter. This is the season which will prepare you before the coldest season comes in. Even though the season begins to bring in cold breeze, pests are still not bothered with it. There are pests which you will encounter during the fall season, and you need to be aware of them,

Pests are never picky when it comes to season. They will infest all year round, and they are unstoppable. Some of the pests you can see at home are cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, rodents, fleas, spiders, and insects. These are annoying and will make you uncomfortable as some are disease carriers which can be risky to your health.

When the fall season comes, there are common pests you need to know for you to think of preventive measures before they cause an infestation. Let’s not take this long!

Here are the common fall pests you will encounter and find out how you can eliminate them successfully for you to enjoy the season peacefully and worry-free.


One of the filthiest pests you don’t want to encounter is cockroaches. This is the pest which you will commonly encounter during fall, and you will never be happy about it. Cockroaches are pests which will seek for shelter before winter comes and they will do it during the fall season. According to a pest exterminator in Statesville, cockroaches will not only look for a place to stay but will also forage for food and moisture for them to survive. They will sneak inside your home and look for what they need. If they found it in your house, they will settle throughout the season and might not have any plan of leaving even the cold season is about to end. Take note, cockroaches will not only appear during the fall season, but the pest can infest all year long so better make preventive measures to lessen the possibility of a cockroach infestation in your place.


Another common pest you will see during fall is rodents. The pest is known to be smart as it can memorize the routes it used for entering or exiting an area. Rodents are one of the disease-carrying pests you would not want to have at home because some of the viruses they bring are fatal to the health. This common pest like cockroaches will look for a warmer place to reside, and your house is the best choice. Rodents will search for food, warmth, and moisture which will help them get through the fall and winter seasons. They will hide in places which you don’t suspect that they will stay and not inspecting your house will be a problem because an infestation can happen anytime. 

Bed Bugs

If there is a pest you wouldn’t want to sleep with, that would be bed bugs. It is one of the common pests you will encounter during fall and might give you the worst nightmare. They say, don’t let bed bugs bite and you shouldn’t allow. The pest feeds on your open skin, and they attack while you are sleeping, which you don’t have any idea what they are already feeding on you. Bed bugs will not only hide in your mattress during fall, but they will also seek shelter in your clothing, luggage, bags, and more. They can even hide in picture frames and appliances. 


Watching a line of ants marching might please you, but the pest has another purpose why they are visiting your home. Ants will come during fall, and you cannot stop them because they will look for food which will help them survive the season. When fall comes in, some species of ants may become harmful. Carpenter ants will seek shelter inside and might target the structure of your home as they will feed on wood. House ants will go after your food and contaminate it which might give you illnesses once you ingest the contaminated food. These pests may be small, but you need the help of pest control services because the elimination of these pests will never be easy.


The cute and colourful bugs you see can also be annoying, especially if they come in great numbers. Ladybugs are common pests you will see during fall, and you might get bothered with their presence. According to a pest expert in Statesville, you have to get rid of ladybugs because the pest can still be annoying even their damage is not that severe. Having several of them can bother you and your family, and it might make you mad. Ladybugs hang out on your doors and windows, and when they find their way in, they will quickly fly inside, and you cannot stop them. The pest can come in red, yellow, and orange with black spots which you can identify easily. If you see them, call a professional to get rid of them immediately.


The creepy spiders you sometimes see in your room can also be your nightmare when fall comes. The pest is a common visitor during fall, and you would not love it. Spiders will create webs one after the other which can be home for several of them. During the fall, some species of spiders will lay eggs which will help to increase their population. When you see spider webs, don’t remove it or resist yourself instead call a professional pest exterminator near me to help you clear spiders in your area.

These are the pests you need to look out for during fall. These pests will give you a headache especially if their infestation is already worst. 

How to Eliminate Fall Pests

Having pests during fall is inconvenient and can make you uncomfortable because of the dangers they bring. If you want to have a home safe and free from pests, you need to know how to eliminate them. Here are ways to make it happen:

  • Eliminate entry points – giving pests places to enter will lead to unexpected infestations during fall. Seal those gaps, holes, and crevices found in your home to prevent pests from coming. 
  • Remove moisture – one of the reasons why pests infest is because of moisture. The water sources found in your home attract pests since they need it to survive, especially the winter season is fast approaching. During fall, pests will look for moisture to get over the cold days and nights successfully. Check your water sources and prevent leaks.
  • Store food properly – pests will not only come inside for water and warmth but food as well. The fall season is the time for pests to forage for food as it will help them live throughout winter. If you don’t want to have pests at home, better store your food properly in airtight containers which pests can’t penetrate.
  • Avoid stacking wood – some pests like carpenter ants will be fond of eating wood. Since fall brings cold breeze, it is a must for you to have firewood inside to which will help the fire keep burning. However, having wood can lead to pest infestations as it can be a food and habitat for them. Better avoid stacking wood because you are not only attracting ants but termites as well.

  • Call a professional exterminator – a professional knows what to do with pests and calling one is a big help. An exterminator has the best solution, equipment, and treatment which can be effective in driving away pests during fall or any season.

That’s it! These are the ways on how you can eliminate those fall pests successfully. Follow these and have a pest-free home for you and your family!

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