Christmas Tree Pests You Probably Don’t Know and How You Can Stop Them from Infesting

Christmas Tree Pests You Probably Don’t Know and How You Can Stop Them from Infesting

blankChristmas Tree Pests You Probably Don’t Know and How You Can Stop Them from Infesting

The smell of the evergreen tree will uplift your spirit because Christmas is finally coming! The season is one of the most awaited holidays every year because it is the time when your family is gathered together, eating delicious meals, and sharing gifts. Christmas will really put a smile on your face. Christmas will never be complete without a tree.

Yes, Christmas trees are important when the season to be jolly is coming because it is like the symbol of Christmas. Seeing fresh or man-made Christmas trees will make you fill that the spirit of the season is in the air. Some homeowners would like to have a real Christmas tree indoor or outdoor. You can put lights all over the tree and other decorations which will make it more beautiful.

But, the beauty of your Christmas tree may be gone due to pests. We know that pests are into infesting the inside and outside of a house. But, did you know that there are bugs or insects which are attracted to the Christmas tree you have at home? Well, there are indeed pests that are after your tree and you need to be aware of it before losing the aesthetic and freshness of your Christmas tree. If you want to eliminate them, the extermination of bugs with professional help can give help.

To feed your mind, here are the pests that will infest your Christmas tree.

  • Spiders

One of the Christmas tree pests you will encounter when you put up your tree is spiders. The pest is annoying at the same time creepy and most people are afraid of them. People who have a fear of spiders have arachnophobia and making it worse is not good for health. Spiders will come to your Christmas tree because they are looking for insects to feed on and your tree has it. The pest will instantly cling into the Christmas tree and may stay long so when you see a few present, immediately call a pest exterminator in Huntersville to help you.

  • Aphids

Another Christmas tree pest you need to be aware of is aphids. This is one of the common pests which you will see not only in your Christmas tree but in your garden as well regardless of the season. Aphids are small insects but cause huge infestations because they will slurp the sap of the tree. If you don’t know how to identify aphids, you might mistake it for ticks. The pest is in brown or black color, its length is few millimeters, and has six legs. Some aphids may also grow wings. If you keep on seeing aphids on your Christmas tree, better make a move because the sap of your tree may be gone without your idea and a pest exterminator in Huntersville can help in dealing with the pest.

  • Psocids


Some may not be aware of psocids but it is also one of the pests which will target your Christmas tree. The pest is small in size and has wings that allow them to fly instantly on the tree. Psocids are also called booklice which are known to feed on fungi or mold found in your Christmas tree. Its body is dry but can die instantly when it comes inside homes that have little moisture. Even though psocids are also called booklice, the pest does not target humans and doesn’t have the ability to bite but it can infest your Christmas tree if you are not mindful. To get rid of psocids, make sure to seek professional help from a pest exterminator in Huntersville.

  • Adelgids

Adelgids are insects that will come after your Christmas tree and you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The pest is small and is unique from other pests you may see because its outer shell is coated and waxed like wool. You may mistake it as snow because it looks like dust. You can find them usually under the tree. If your tree has always dust like snow on its leaves, it could be adelgids and you need to make a move to remove them. Or, if you don’t know how to get rid of the pest, a pest exterminator in Huntersville can do it for you.

  • Bark beetles

Bark beetles are other pests that you should be aware of when you put up a Christmas tree in your property. Its body is hard and colored red, black, or brown, cylindrical shape body, and has the same size of a rice grain.  Bark beetles are after trees that are stressed so they may have already infested the Christmas tree before it is reaped. If you keep on seeing sawdust and tiny holes on the trunk of your Christmas tree, it could be the pest’s doing. Bark beetles love moist wood so if your tree has too much moisture, it is a feast for them. Don’t worry, your wooden furniture will not be targets of the pest. Eliminating the pest is hard so why not let a pest exterminator in Huntersville work for you instead.

These are the Christmas tree pests you need to know for you to control them when you decide to have a fresh tree this Christmas. 

How to Stop Christmas Tree Pests From Infesting


Facing infestations is a headache because you have to deal with pesky vermin which is hard to eliminate. Same with Christmas trees, you will be able to find pests on it if you are not mindful. Here are ways on how you can stop pests from infesting your Christmas tree.

Shake the tree

One way to find out if your Christmas tree has pests or not is by shaking it. Before purchasing, you need to shake the tree first to see if eggs, larvae, or live pests are present. What is good is some farms that offer Christmas trees have tree shakers which make it easier. Or, you can do the shaking yourself before bringing it inside your home.

Vacuum your home

Of course, when bringing in Christmas trees in your home, there are instances when pine needs will fall. So, you have to prepare the vacuum cleaner to clean your home and to get rid of the pests which may also have fallen from the tree. 

Check the tree

Before buying or putting a Christmas tree for your property, make sure that you have inspected it first. Putting impulsively the tree because the season is coming is not good because without inspecting, you will not know whether it has pests or not. Use a flashlight to thoroughly check the tree from the leaves down to the trunk. If you found pests or their eggs, get rid of them quickly or let a pest exterminator in Huntersville do it for you.

Use diatomaceous earth

One way to stop Christmas tree pests from infesting is by applying diatomaceous earth on it. We know the big contribution of DE on pest control as it is one of the most recommended remedies by a pest exterminator in Huntersville when it comes to dealing with pests. If you have shaken your tree, vacuumed the area, yet there are still pests, you can apply diatomaceous earth all over the tree. In this way, no pest will be able to survive since DE will dehydrate them which will lead to their death.

Avoid using flammable pesticides


Everyone knows that pesticides are good for pests but if you will use it on your Christmas tree, better skip it because it can be a problem for you. Pesticides are flammable so if you put Christmas lights around the tree with pesticides, there is a possibility that you will have fire accidents. Instead of using flammable pesticides, there are natural ones which you can apply.

That’s it! These simple ways can help in stopping the Christmas tree pests from infesting.

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