Ant Myths You Should Not Believe

Ant Myths You Should Not Believe

blankAnt Myths You Should Not Believe

Pests will often visit your home because they need water, warmth, and food, and they can find it in your humble abode. One of the pests you will encounter is ants, and these are pesky. Ants come in different species, and some of them are considered to be pests. When the pest begins to infest don’t ignore it, instead, let an ant exterminator company handle them.

Ant extermination is a must when the pest is already causing an infestation. Severe or not, the problem should be solved instantly to stop it from spreading. However, homeowners are having second thoughts in eliminating the pest because of the myths they believe. There are ant myths which people think are true, which stops them from making a move to control the pest.

However, ant myths should be ignored because these are only false information which bothers you. Believing in myths will not help because it will lead you to think that what you know about ants are true but, the truth is, it is only misconceptions that people have begun spreading and almost everyone trust.

If you want to get rid of ants successfully, better shake off those myths, and stop believing in it to achieve a better pest control. Let’s get to know these myths now!

Vinegar can’t repel ants

Ants are tiny and pesky pests you wouldn’t want to spend your time with. You will see the marching in line when they come inside your home going to the food source. The ant trails they create are thanks to their pheromones which help others to locate food sources easily. Once ants found the trails made, they will immediately crawl and get food which will they bring back to their colonies. Because of the pheromones, foraging for food is made easy for ants, and if you want to get rid of the trails and deter ants, you need vinegar. Don’t believe that vinegar does not help repel ants because it can do big. The strong smell of vinegar stops ants from coming, and it removes the pheromones of their trails. With this, they will make a new trail but if you don’t want them to enter your home, spray vinegar on entry points or better call a pest exterminator to eliminate them.

Save citrus fruits for juices


Some people believe that the citrus fruits they have at home like lemons are only good for making juice and not for ants that’s why they throw away the peels. However, this is a misconception you should stop believing because the truth is, lemons help repel ants in your home. The smell of lemons can disturb the ant trails, which will make them panic as the pheromone which they follow is gone. The scent of lemon will deter ants from coming. You did not only stop ants from foraging food inside your home, but you also made your home smell good and thanks to those citrus fruits. But, if you want total elimination of ants, what you need is an ant exterminator do the job.

Removing live ants is enough

When you visit your kitchen, you might notice live ants crawling back and forth, and these are worker ants looking for food. The first thing you do when you see a few ants are to kill them, and you think everything is okay. One ant myth you should not believe and must be ignoring for the rest of your life is removing live ants is enough. Some think that by killing the ants they see is already enough and it will stop ants from coming. Unfortunately, ants come in great numbers, and losing a few of them will not be a problem for the colony. Even you have killed the ants you see; there are still thousands of ants in colonies which are ready to infest anytime. When an ant infestation is happening in your home, killing ants one by one will not help. If you want to resolve your problem, you need the help of a professional ant exterminator who is more knowledgeable in handling ants.

Cinnamon is only good for baking

Your baking experience will never be complete if you don’t have cinnamon at home. But did you know this ingredient has other uses aside from baking? Well, people think that the ingredient is made solely for one purpose, but it is also good for pest control, especially when ants are the enemies. Ants hate cinnamon, and when they sense it, they usually run away. Applying cinnamon on areas where ants typically hang out will keep them out as they cannot stand its smell. Remember, cinnamon can only repel ants, but it cannot kill them. If you want to get rid of them for good, you need a pest expert to help you to achieve your goal.


Grains and oatmeal will kill ants for good

One of the ant myths most people believe today is that ants will be killed if they eat grains and oatmeal. Some people think that leaving oatmeal and grains for ants will make the pest’s stomach explode due to the size of the food. However, this is only a myth, and no proof has been known today that grains and oatmeal will explode an ant’s stomach. If you keep on putting uncooked oatmeal or grains, you are giving ants an easy job as they can easily get food which they can bring back to the colony. If you want to stop ants from infesting your home, stop believing this myth and call a pest exterminator to help you eliminate the pesky pest once and for all.

Boiling water can kill the entire colony

Using boiling for ant control could be ideal as it can help in killing ants. People believe that pouring boiling water will help in killing the entire colony of ants, which will help in resolving the problem. But, this is only a myth, and you need to stop believing. Boiling water can help in killing several ants, but the colony will never be bothered. The poured boiling water will not be effective in killing the queen ant, which is known as the leader of the company. It may eliminate the ones crawling outside, but the ones inside the colony might not experience the same effect. Doing this, the colony might expand to accommodate more ants. If you want to eliminate all ants including the queen, you need the help of a pest exterminator badly.

These are the ant myths you have to stop believing! Don’t practice asking your neighbour for pest control assistance because your situation might be different, and the recommendations might not be of help. Also, some people might give you myths since they believe in it and they think it’s true. If you want to be sure about pest control, the one you need is an ant expert as they can answer your questions properly.


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